"We are pleased to provide a reference for Silas Toornstra of Kre8ive Construction.  Silas recently undertook a major remodelling of our home that included installing a cavity and totally recladding the home, a reroof and a new bathroom. The project took 6 months.

Silas has very high quality standards which extend to his management of subcontractors.  He is also very clever and he relishes the challenge of finding innovative solutions to difficult building problems, which is important for house remodelling.  His approach meant that we saved a significant amount of money compared to the quotes we had received from several other construction firms.  Silas didn’t do things “cheaper” – he just found better, more cost-effective ways than others had proposed.

However perhaps the main benefit is that Silas really cares about his clients and looks after their best interests.  This positively affected every part of our project.  We lived in the house while all this work was going on around us (at times it resembled a bombsite) and when the project was completed we actually missed having the builders cheery faces and banter every day, which is a real testament to the respect they showed us and our home, and how well it went."

T&J Hayward


6 April 2017

Hayward Testimonial

"A massive thank you to Silas at kre8ive construction and his crew. They have all done such an outstanding job, and have worked sooo hard for moving in day today!!!

I can't rate them highly enough; efficient, professional, friendly and helpful.
Love your work guys and love our home!!!"

K Smith


29 September 2017

Smith Testimonial